WTF is the Matter with These People?


Screams the headline on the 14 November 2005 issue of NavyTimes. 

But what do we get?   

Do we get to take a look at any military women? 

Do we get to look at any tattoos?

No way.

We get to look at this…..

A Fucking Barbie Doll….



This is the United States Navy, mind you. You know, Victory at Sea, the guys who have all those ships, planes, pilots, the Blue Angels, testosterone and shit?

Sailors who get liberty in ports around the world that have entire economies based on sailors getting drunk spending their money and getting laid. Places that support thousands of bar girls who only make money when the fleet’s in.

This is the Navy in which ships have come back from deployment with something like 25% of the female crew members pregnant from apparently consensual sex.

A Navy where a bunch of horny young men and women are put together aboard ships with hundreds of little dark spaces secured behind scuttles and hatches that are just perfect for violating the rules about sexual behavior aboard ship.

The Coast Guard is now turning away recruits that have more than 25% of an exposed limb covered with tattoos.  While the Navy Times is featuring female tattoos, but is so uptight about sex that they have to show them inked on a Barbie doll.

It’s pathetic.

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