Prison Gang Members Sentenced to Life in Prison

In a brilliant move to (1) bring these serial miscreants to justice, (2) eliminate violence in our prison system, and (3) teach these guys a serious lesson, prosecutors recently obtained life sentences for several prominent members of the Aryan Brotherhood prison gang.

Perhaps, it has gone unnoticed that these people are prison gang members.

This kind of means that to do what they do, they have to be in prison.

Prison is were you will usually find prison gang members.

So is a life sentence in prison for a prison gang member really punishment? 

Many of these guys have spent the better part of their entire lives in prison and are far more comfortable inside than on the street. 

Prison is home to hard core prison gang members.

Inside, they know the rules – in fact, they make the rules. Outside, not so much – and they find themselves often confronted with too many confusing choices.

And when faced with a having to make a decision on the outside, they invariably make the wrong choice.

Didn’t anybody ever watch the Blues Brothers?


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