Civil Defense Dead – 501(c)(3) Alive


not exactly sure what that is to the right of the cold civil defense
logo, but we’re told by the New York Times that, after some 67 years,
some outfit called the National Emergency Management Association has
decided to replace the well known civil defense logo with the logo
representing their not so well known 501(c)(3)organization.

Morrie Goodman, the designer of the new symbol stated, “We now have a new symbol of what our profession is all about."

The idea of the well known Civil Defense logo, of course, was not to symbolize the "profession" of emergency management, but to alert citizens to where they could seek shelter in time of an emergency and to identify equipment and facilities as being part of the civil defense system.

It appears that there is nothing that can’t be turned over to some corporation today, albeit a non-profit corporation. So we’ll find a corporate logo that might be mistaken for the logo of a feminine hygiene product or perhaps a new headache remedy, being replaced on emergency shelters, boxes of crackers, generators, and emergency hospital equipment, but I guess with time, it will become recognizable to everyone as the previous symbol.

If it’s any help, NEMA’s website indicates that they are associated
with the equally unknown EMAC or  Emergency Management Assistance
Compact and the ever popular Emergency Management Accreditation Program
or EMAP as it is commonly called. 

On the face of it, it appears that they are privatizing the civil
defense function through a network of 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporations.

So the next time you feel the need to "Duck and Cover," don’t think
of that old, outdated relic from the cold war, Civil Defense, get up to
date and think – National Emergency Management Association.

It’s your new 501(c)(3) ticket to survival.

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