KSFO, “The World’s Greatest Radio Station”

It’s the 24th oldest licensed radio station in California. It was once owned by the legendary Gene Autry’s Golden West Broadcasters. Their studios were in the Fairmont Hotel, just off the entrance to the famous Tonga Room. 

This was the radio station of Hap Harper, Al Collins, Jack Carney, Aaron Smith, Carter B. Smith, Jim Lange, Chet Casselman, Lon Simmons, Russ Hodges, and, "The World’s Greatest Disk Jockey," Don Sherwood.

Recall Sherwood and Harper’s "raid" on Stockton with the KSFO "Air Force?"  KSFO was one of the first radio stations to report traffic from an aircraft.

And who could forget those Sounds of the City station breaks?

Of course, I’m referring to "The World’s Greatest Radio Station," KSFO in San Francisco. 

Today, it’s 5,000 watts of foul mouthed, bigots.  It’s pathetic that a once great radio station has sunk to such a level and ironic that the radio station is associated with the Disney name.

Nobody should be fired.  Nobody’s job or livelihood should be threatened.  Let’s just tone down the name calling, and foul mouthed talk.  Maybe go back to some of the good old time stuff that used to make listening to KSFO fun.

And it’s even worse that the station owners have gone after the blogger who has been alerting the station’s advertisers about the kind of material that KSFO is broadcasting.  Read more about this dismal story here from the Daily Kos.

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