Western Corporations Aid Chinese Military

It’s old news that the highly-secret Z-10 attack helicopter appears to be getting extensive assistance from Western defense corporations in spite of an EU embargo on military goods to China.

Still, it’s good to keep in mind that these corporations are sending highly sophisticated technological aid to China apparently without any sanctions while numerous individuals get prosecuted for basically doing the same thing.

Under the guise of a parallel civilian project, Pratt and Whitney, the European Aeronautic Defense and Space company (EADS) and AgustaWestland were building turbo shafts, rotor blades and transmission systems for the aircraft.

Pratt and Whitney has a joint venture with the China National South Aero-Engine Company, but some reports indicate that P&W is not involved in the production of the domestically produced WZ9 turbo shaft engine that would probably power the production Z-10s.

In 2005, Jane’s Defense Weekly highlighted the involvement of European and North American companies in assisting Chinese development of a new military attack helicopter, the Z-10. ‘China is buying in skills and off-the shelf technology that is being routed directly into a military program’, it said.

According to Jane’s, companies involved with the Z-10 program include the Canadian company, Pratt and Whitney, which has delivered turbo shafts, and the Italian/UK company, AugustaWestland, which is understood to have assisted the development of the Z-10’s rotor blade, transmission and gearbox.

The US company Lord Corporation reportedly supplies vibration damping components for the Z-9 model, and in 2004 listed the Z-10 as a client program, with parts to be manufactured locally.

The European Aeronautic Defense and Space company, based in France and Germany, which now owns the Eurocopter subsidiary, reportedly provided the Z-10’s transmission under a co-development agreement.

While it’s almost impossible to stop technology transfers, we should pay more attention to embargo laws and at the very least, not allow American corporations to profit by building up the People’s Liberation Army.


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One Response to “Western Corporations Aid Chinese Military”

  1. Xaime Rodriguez Says:

    The US does an excellent job of looking the other way when there are markets to be exploited by US and other international corporations. I just can’t quite figure out the proffered rationalization for the discrepancy between the treatment of China, “Communist” nation, and the treatment of Cuba, “Communist” nation.

    By the way, I came across your blog a few days ago and find it very enjoyable. Thanks.

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