Battery Barlow-Saxton

Here are some recent pictures that show how the Los Angeles School District treats a unique turn of the century gun battery that is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Battery Barlow-Saxton is on the Upper Reservation of the old Fort MacArthur in San Pedro, CA. When Fort MacArthur closed, part of it went to the School District and part of it became Angel’s Gate Park.

Neither have fared very well as far as historic preservation is concerned.

As the poster of the pictures says – there’s not much to see inside because the School District has allowed the battery to be vandalized, all of the windows have been smashed, and most of the various pieces of equipment that was mounted on the exterior walls has been stolen or smashed.  The bars on the windows have been broken and bent. The place has been abused for over two decades.

When the battery was turned over to the School District, the range indicator wheels in the plotting rooms were in complete, working order.  Today, they are totally gone from neglect by the School District.

Barlow-Saxton’s entrance tunnel in better days

This is another fine example of historic preservation in the City of the Angels.

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