Junk Fax Again

Tonight at 11:37pm, I received still another junk fax. There’s no header information, so it’s not possible to tell from the fax where it came from.

This one is touting a stock (Stock Symbol: LTDN) issued by Latitude Industries.

A stock that last traded, according to their own website at .19 a share and had a 52 week high of .45 and a 52 week low of .04.  LTDN is a so-called "Pinksheet" stock.

The fine print states that:  "This information is distributed and paid for by gmmf inv."

I couldn’t find a thing about gmmf inv on the web.

The number to call to be removed is 800-231-7032.  A number when,
Googled, reveals that if called, has resulted in even more junk faxes
showing up.

Could this be one of those "pump and dump" operations?


2 Responses to “Junk Fax Again”

  1. Robert Falls Says:

    Just a comment on this. I received the same fax, called to be removed. Today 8/3 I got another fax from SVDI supposedly sent by gmm inv. That’s how I found this page looking for the same thing without success. However your removal phone number is different than the one I have now (800)611-8678. Gosh, sure hope that calling won’t get me more faxes. As a business we already go through a ream of paper a month for junk faxes. So, thanks… hopefully we can ban together and rid ourselves of people like this.

  2. Dick Strohm Says:

    Just received one of those junk faxes and a different # to call altogether…888-567-3510. Didn’t call because the last time I did last year I received half a ream of junk faxes.

    The TCPA needs bigger teeth to get these guys!

    They are nearly as bad as the internet spammers. I tried leaving paper out of the fax for a while but I was slammed when I filled it….this is a frustrating situation. I run a notary business and need my fax to be free of this stuff.

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