Ed Schultz’s Rant

The other day Ed Schultz went off on what I thought was an over the top rant on Air America and most of AAR’s on air personalities.

It looks like Big Eddie’s mouth has gotten him in trouble in the past. Here’s material from the Wikipeida.

In 1988, Schultz was involved in what has over time become known as
the “Whiskey Bottle Incident” in Fargo. During North Dakota State
University’s 55-21 season-opening football victory over Northern
Michigan University, an empty whiskey bottle thrown from the student
section of fans shattered a window near Schultz, who was broadcasting
the game on WDAY-AM radio, and struck color analyst Gary Barta in the
stomach. Schultz, who was often the target of taunting from the NDSU
students, blurted out several audible expletives over the air and left
the broadcast booth to find the bottle thrower. He apologized later for
his “colorful” language. Later that week, Schultz was asked by WDAY
management to take a few days off to clear the air; while he said
Schultz was not suspended, the vice president of WDAY indicated people
could “draw their own conclusions” about Schultz’s sudden removal from
on-air broadcast duties.

Schultz, who was touted as the “Voice of the Bison” for many years at WDAY, left in 1996 and began broadcasting for KFGO-AM in Fargo, now owned by Clear Channel. Schultz began doing play-by-play work on University of North Dakota football broadcasts in 1998. Schultz incurred the ire of fans when he began to disparage the Bison during Sioux broadcasts after his years of
NDSU play by play. Schultz was also a finalist for the Minnesota Vikings radio play by play broadcast job in 2001, a job that eventually went to KFAN radio host Paul Allen.

During a substitute hosting stint on a Minneapolis-based sports show in January 2003, Schultz called Sioux hockey coach Dean Blais a “jerk” and “bush-league.” Blais called for Schultz’s removal from UND athletic broadcasts.

Even after Schultz left as UND play by play man in 2003 to focus on
his national radio show, his legacy as a controversial sports figure in
North Dakota did not diminish. In a 200 Sports Illustrated article on North Dakota, Schultz lost out to only Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre as North Dakota’s #1 “Enemy of the State”.


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    Ed Schultzs Rant

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