Why Do Republican Senators Hate The American People?

Republican Senators blocked a vote in the Senate on the resolution opposing the President’s "surge" in Iraq.

Surveys of public opinion show overwhelming support for such a resolution as a first step to ending a war that we never should have started.

Republican senators, however, think that it’s much more important to support the obviously flawed and failed policies of their beloved leader than to reflect the will of the people who sent them to Washington.

These Republicans hate the American people so much that they consistently refuse to respond to the expressed wishes of the majority of American people.

There’s a term for this kind of government, and it’s not democracy.

The idea of a representative democracy means that all of the government’s power comes from the people, not any one branch of government. And certainly not from any one person or office holder.

In fact, each branch of government has been purposely designed so as not to be able to exercise power over any other branch of government – the so-called "Checks and Balances." 

This in turn, means that when a majority of the people speak, their representatives are supposed to translate the people’s wishes into action.  That would be the people’s wishes, not the wishes of corporations.

At least that’s how it’s supposed to work.

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