Jane Harman Doesn’t Get It

Rep. Jane Harman writes,

“Yesterday, Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) and I introduced two bills to correct the worst excesses of the Military Commissions Act and restore our international standing.”

So we’re going to correct the worst excesses of the Military Commissions Act and leave the victims of this unconstitutional act to suffer the lesser excesses.

Exactly what is wrong with these people?

The Military Commissions Act should be repealed. It is outrageously unconstitutional. You don’t even have to be a constitutional lawyer to figure this out.

Just like the invasion of Iraq, it never should have happened. You don’t tinker, tweak, or try to fix the “worst excesses” of something that should never have been made into law in the first place.

And just like the war in Iraq, you eliminate the problem by repealing the law that authorized the war and remove yourself from the scene.

This is not rocket science.

The Democrats were elected to Congress, at least in part, to save this country from falling further into the oppressive, totalitarian, single party, unitary Executive, abusive of power, insane path that we have been traveling with the Bush Administration.

One way to do that is to repeal the Bush Administration’s oppressive, abusive, and unconstitutional laws. The Bush Administration is using the 9/11 attack to justify their chipping away at our constitutional rights.

Jane Harman - Dunce
Jane Harman, Dunce

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