Publishers Distribution Services, Inc.

There appears to be a new kid in town.

Here at Castle Curmudgeon we subscribe to way too many magazines so it wasn’t a surprise to receive a “Notice of Renewal” for Wired Magazine from Publishers Distribution Services, Inc., P.O. Box 2337, Brea, CA 92822.

Except that the notice looks suspiciously like the notices received from Gary L. Hutchings Magazine Billing Services, Inc. operation.


A quick check with the California Secretary of State’s database shows:

Publishers Distribution Services, Inc.
Number: C2931242
Date Filed: 10/18/2006
Status: Active
Jurisdiction: California
Address: 206 Mira Verde Dr., La Habra heights, CA 90631
Agent for Service of Process: Richard Schork, 206 Mira Verde Dr., La Habra Heights, CA 90631

Oh, and by the way, the subscription to Wired Magazine isn’t due until 2010.


30 Responses to “Publishers Distribution Services, Inc.”

  1. Lynn Foxx Says:

    I received an identical Notice of Renewal for a magazine I never requested AND it was addressed to a prior name that I haven’t used in over 4 years. Thanks for validating my suspicions that the mailing was not an innocent error! A subscription for Us Weekly, talk about doubly offended!

  2. mawCrearmaLync Says:

    I agreed with you

  3. Tristia Watson Says:

    I have received both “Notice of Renewal” and “New Order” requests for magazines that I receive and those that I don’t. I didn’t realize it was a scam until I noticed that the prices listed were higher than what my normal subscription was AND that my subscription isn’t up until 2010.

    I called their customer service line (1-866-340-0545, press 0 and then 1 to get to a real person) and had them remove my name from their mailing list.

    Is there anyone we can report these jokers to, to put them out of business?

  4. Norma Anderson Says:

    I had the same experience, except I sent them a check made out to Smithsonian Magazine for $98.96, (2 yrs.) which they cashed. I since learned that my subscription is paid up to February 2014!! Also, the subscription price is actually $38.00/yr. So far, I have not been able to speak to a real person. In the meantime I received another notice from National Publications Billing services, which I am pretty sure is legitimate. Their price for two years is $68.00.

    I am in the process of turning them in to the Attorney General, and calling an investigative reporter at the local newspaper. Needless to say, I am ANGRY..

  5. Ken Says:

    Report them to the State Attorney-General. That’s what I will be doing with the information they sent me.

  6. Kay Schuhmacher Says:

    We live in Washington state. “Publishers Distribution Services, Inc” somehow obtained our address and the magazines that we subscribe to. They then send us a bill for “NOTICE OF RENEWAL/NEW ORDER” for a magazine that we subscribe to. The last incident was for “American Art Review” We have a current 3-year subscription that still has 2 years to go. The company is using this scam to trick you into making a payment that is not really due.
    This is not the first time that we received such a bill. We got a similar “Notice of Renewal/New Order” bill a few months ago for a different magazine that we subscribe to. I called them and requested to be taken off their mailing list and wrote a letter to the better business bureau about their deceitful and dishonest practice. Don’t know how much good this will do.

  7. Jennifer Munoz Says:

    I want to cancel Saturday Evening Post
    Can I pay the bill later psychology today

  8. Mike S Says:

    I received a ‘Notice of Renewal/New Order’ from Publisher’s Distribution Services, Inc. for Invention & Technology magazine. I had been receiving it but I let my subscription laps. What made me suspicious was that the mailing address looked wrong on the payment coupon. I subscribe to Astronomy and Model Railroad magazines also and they both come from Kalmbach Publishing Co. in Waukesha Wisconsin. I have received several warning notices from Kalmbach pertaining to scam companies ostensibly soliciting subscriptions and/or renewals for their publications and to avoid them like the plague. I checked online and found that Invention & Technology was published by American Heritage Publishing and that I could get the subscription for (literally) half what Publisher’s Distribution was supposedly going to charge me. I would advise, even if you think the solicitation is legitimate, check them out online. Bonafide publishing companies are more than willing to give you verifiable information about themselves.

  9. Gary McClendon Says:

    I have been ripped off three time by this company with my Rolling Stone subscription. Can’t get thru to the 1-866# have yet to recieve 1 issue with a second invoice due. Cheaper to buy the magazine at a news rack. Trust me the publishers don’t care, either.

  10. Jackie Becker Says:

    They sent my 85 year old mother 32 notices for renewal of magazines in one day!!! Thank God I was there because she suffers from dimentia and tends to pay whatever is sent to her in the mail. They also have Publisher’s Billing Association and Magazine Payment Services at the same address. I would not do business with these people. . .preying on the elderly. . .they should be ashamed of their business practices.

  11. Dorris Curtis Says:

    I sent a checkon 9-9-09 in theamount of $79.95 for the renewal of the ABC Soaps In Depthas listed on info part of the check but all that was done is a new account was started and I have been getting two books and that they ended it in March2010. The account # are 006150625 and 008912675.
    The amount of money I sent was to cover the subscription the full year. I can send you a copy of the check and the two front covers. Please clear this I have been getting
    renewal letters.

  12. Anna Ip Says:

    I finlly realized that I have been scamed for a while. I kept on getting notice of renewl for US magazine which I have paid. When I got two exact invoices yesterday, with two different account numbers, I realized that I have been taken. When I called the toll free number (966-586-7753), it was a disconnected number. Lession learned: Pay attention to how long your subscription is for and to which party.

  13. Al Says:

    The office manager here has fallen victim to this. As a result we have a subscription to Vogue lasting till 2018. Hoo-rah.

    Watch out for another tactic of theirs– if you don’t pay them they’ll call your magazine publishers and have them suspend your delivery to try to trick you into thinking you have to pay. If this happens, call the magazine, NOT these jokers.

  14. Kristin Says:

    I received a bill from Global Publishers Center under this address, and thankfully the envelope was returned back to us. This website was actually the reason I found out about this scam.
    Just FYI to everyone, they must not be using that same PO Box because I just received another bill from them from the following address:
    PO Box 2489
    White City OR 97503-2489

  15. Maddie Says:

    I received a bill that looks exactly like the one you posted except for it’s from Magazine Distribution Service. The bill, for People Magazine, was for $179.95. I just renewed for $122.76. I called People Magazine to see if they knew anything about this (they didn’t) but the gal said something about removing me from a list (they must sell my info).

    So, I am done with People Magazine … and the rest for that matter. Should I see something that I want, I’ll buy it from the grocery store.

    The info on the bill is as follows (it’s the same as Kristin’s bill only a different company name):

    Magazine Distribution Service
    PO Box 2489
    White City, OR 97503-0489

    Their website is:

    I am sick of these scammers, but I am even more sick of People Magazine for selling my information. This is one subscription they lost.

  16. Maddie Says:

    Just did a Google search and found info on the BBB website in Oregon. This outfit operates under many company names. I am just furious with People Magazine. They act like they have no clue. The gal said it could be a fraudulent outfit … well, no kidding! Since you sold my info you set me up for all this nonsense!!

    Here’s the BBB info I found:

  17. Tom Seibel Says:

    Dear Sir/Ms.:
    I am contacting you about my Popular Science Magazine Subsription, I received a invoice for a 3 year issue agreement but decided only to order a 1 year subscription. My control number is 0712B-1174455.
    Please send me an invoice for that amount of subscription for only 1 year of the Popular Scienece Magazine. Thank you Tom Seibel

  18. Stacia Says:

    LIberty Publishers Service has been sending me fake bills for several years. I believe they began by sending them to my mother, and when she died they sent them to me (in her name) instead. They are fake renewal notices for Smithsonian Magazine. I have written them asking them to stop. They are not BBB accredited, so when I filed a BBB complaint LPS ignored it and just added my address to their list of people they scam.

    My suspicion is Smithsonian and plenty of other magazines sell their subscription lists to places like LBS, who then scam people by sending out fake magazine renewals.

    I return all of these bills to sender now, but it doesn’t make any difference. Everyone who reads this, check out the BBB link listed above, and do NOT do business with anyone listed on that page.

  19. jim smith Says:

    They have lots of different names…
    Here are a few from the Better Business Web site:

    Alternate Business Names
    Publishers Billing Association, Publisher’s Payment Processing, Publishers Billing Exchange, M B S, Magazine Billing Services, Publishers Payment, Liberty Publishers Group Inc, Circulation Billing Services, Magazine Billing Network, Publishers Billing Emporium, Publishers Payment Services, Publishers Magazine Payment, Publishers Magazine Billing, Publishers Billing Services, American Consumer Publishers Association, Global Publishers Service, G P S, Allied Publishing Services, Associated Publishers Services, Billing Services of America, Bradford Publishing Service, Global Publishers Center, Lake Shore Publishers Service, Magazine Distribution Service, Magazine Payment Services, Magazine Subscriber Services, Magazine Subscriptions Center, National Magazine Services, Periodical Billing Services, Platinum Subscription Service, Publication Service Networks, Publishers Access Services, Publishers Consolidated Subscription Services, Publishers Distribution Center, Publishers Education Services, Publishers Marketplace Services, Publishers Network Exchange, Publishers Periodical Service, Publishers Processing Service, Publishers Services Exchange, Readers Billing Services, Readers Payment Service, Seascape Publishers Network, Slo Call Center, Subscription Billing Service, Subscription Payment Exchange, Subscription Payment Services, United Publishers Services, Publisher’s Services Network, L P S, Liberty Publishers Service, and more…..

    According to BBB, these are all the same Scammers.
    they also have a really bad web site..
    What concerns me is recent reports on another web site that some one reported that they received a PHONE call from these people (7072666673). They were trying to renew a Reader’s Digest subscription by PHONE. Makes you wonder if they’re trying to obtain credit card numbers for more mischief. Why would they go to the trouble of phoning Reader’s Digest subscribers when they can scam more expensive magazine subscribers? Looks like they’re preying on what they hope are less sophisticated consumers.. and what could be the reason except.. CREDIT CARD numbers. Let’s watch for this.
    Be careful out there kids.

  20. Roxanne Says:

    I received a notice of renewal for a magazine which seemed excessive (69.99) for a one year renewal (8 issues). When I called to question why a subscription would be significantly more than the newstand cost, Christy told me the amount was incorrect and she could renew me for only 49.99. I still felt this was excessive, declined to renew, and decided to call the publisher. I was informed my sub. was current til 2014, the renewal amount was 25.00, and that this company was currently under investigation. I called PDS back to request they remove me from their mailing list, (again I got Christy), and she hung up on me once she realized why I was calling. BEWARE!

  21. Nancy Conroy Says:

    I received a bill saying that I had ordered TIME mag. I did not order that at all! I emailed customer service that I did not order or have ever ordered Time Mag.

  22. Michelle Lisanti Says:

    They offered me what they suggested was their rate for renewing a magazine I paid $14.99 for-Their rate is $42.97!!! How stupid do they think people are??? Why would anybody be stupid enough to send them any money??

  23. Mary Says:

    Yeah, they got me – $24.95. I have always been so careful on the Internet. What about snail mail? I guess I was in the wrong frame of mind when I wrote that check and a a few days later I got a bill for a magazine I don’t read. That was what caught my attention. Now I see all of these complaints – wish I had checked first. What I don’t understand is, we have all of these laws and no agency seems to be able to stop this and they are racking up probably millions of dollars. When will the Adjutant General of the state(s) they are operating in put a stop to this?

  24. Sandy Says:

    Yea they got me too!!! Renewal for Daily Word (price 14.95) there price 49.95. Sent them a check in February (my busiest time of the year). Just received a phone call from Daily Word – they received a check for 14.95 but will not cash it as they are not affiliated with these crooks. But did give me a 1 year complimentary subscription. Should have waited – learn from our mistakes!!!!

  25. jennyz Says:

    I received one for a subscription we have. But my husband’s name was misspelled and a one year subscription was 59.95! Thanks for posting this information.

  26. Amanda Says:

    I work for a magazine fulfillment company in Florida and we see these fraudulent forms all the time. There are at leat 80 different company names in various states. These scammers, once caught on to will change there address. Few magazines will comp the subscription. Most will say you should have renewed directly with the publisher, it’s your loss. Knowing what goes on behind the scenes I will never order a magazine subscription even to save a few bucks.

  27. Don Says:

    These crooks sent me a renewal for Sat Evening Post for six issues for 49.95 or 8.32 an issue. What a rip off and the Sat. Evening Post is evidently letting them get away it!

  28. Donald Squires Says:

    I gotta believe there’s a special place in hell for scammers like these who take advantage of people they target and purposefully confuse.

  29. Mara Says:

    I paid these idiots 37.47. They sent an invoice claiming to be billing for Sports Illustrated, which was due for renewal. They cashed my check (endorsed by Bank of Cascades Remote Account). When I received another legit invoice from Sports Illustrated notifying me of non-payment, is when I realized I paid these scam artists and have no re-course according to my bank.

  30. mom Says:

    Yes you can turn them into OR’s BBB, it worked for me. Here’s the info for them. Oregon Department of Justice / Civil Enforcement Division
    1162 Court Street NE, Salem, OR 97301
    Phone: 503.934.4400 / Fax: 503.378.8910

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