Supporting the Troops, Bush Style

While President Bush called on  Americans "…to consider making a contribution to the men and women who defend us,
because every one of us owes our freedom to these courageous Americans." (Source)

The shortage of equipment funding extended across all Army components, including the active component. In December 2006, the Commission heard testimony from General Peter J. Schoomaker that Army investment accounts were underfunded by $100 billion; as a result, the Army started the war in Iraq with nearly $56 billion in equipment shortages. (Source)

It’s going to take a lot of individual contributions to make up that kind of money.

"It was a lot worse than we though it was when we got into it. You’ve got a readiness condition today, particularly in the National Guard, that’s worse than the worst days of the "hollow force" in the late ’70s and early ’80s."  Said Arnold Punaro, Chairman of the Commission on the National Guard and Reserves. (Navy Times 3-19-07 p.33)

In spite of what the regime spokesman say, all of the evidence shows that Bushco has broken our military and it’s going to cost billions to put it back together again. The NGRER has been mandated by Congress since at least the 1990s. The damage done is fully documented and easy to find. 

Read these reports and find out exactly how the Bush Administration has supported the troops.

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