Bush and The Abuse of Power

These are not “inexcusable mistakes.”

The run up to the Iraq was not flawed by “intelligence failures.”

No, the things that have been happening since the Bush regime has taken over the country are not accidents, mistakes, or failures.

They are part of an elaborate plan to seize power.

Literally a winner take all plan.

And so far, it’s been working.

Almost every action by this administration has one goal and only one goal, and that is the consolidation of their power.

The people currently in charge of our country want to solidify all power into a single party and a unitary executive.

In no particular order, here are a few things that they’ve done to insure that they will remain in power.

1. Appointed Supreme Court Justices that believe in absolute unchecked power of the executive.

2. Appointed Federal judges that will rule in their favor.

3. Sacked U.S. Attorneys that won’t get with their program.

4. Silenced scientists that reveal evidence that contradicts any of their positions.

5. Intimidated the press.  Flooded the airwaves with their talking points, some of which are outright lies.

6. Created special “Free Speech Zones” where protesters cannot be heard or seen by anybody.

7. Cut off public access to thousands of previously public government information sources in the name of national security.

8. Killed thousands of fish in the Kalmath River to divert water to Republican farmers. A good example of how being associated with the “correct” party can be of enormous benefit.

9. Allowed no debate, or power to the minority party when in charge of both houses of Congress.

10. Refused to put witnesses under oath.

11. Repeatedly lied or told half-truths to the public and others.

12. Introduced complex bills in Congress with hidden agendas, and little understood provisions that increased the power of the executive.

In other words, we’re on our way to a kind of dictatorship.

If you believe in the 14 characteristics common to fascist regimes, we’re pretty much already there.

So what does the Valarie Plame affair and the firing of the U.S. Attorneys have in common?
They both were still more actions taken by this administration in defense of their power.

As we sometimes said of the Communist Party, the Republicans are in control of all of the levers of government and will only give up those powers kicking and screaming.

When Plame was asked if she considered herself to be a Democrat or Republican, it was just another sign of the times.

If these people had their way, only loyal “Bushies” would be qualified to hold a government job.

Much like only Baathists could hold jobs under Saddam Hussein.

Or only Nazi party members in Hitler’s Germany.

Or only Communist party members under the old Soviet Union.

Alberto Gonzales doesn’t see himself as the Chief Law Enforcement Officer for the people of the United States.  Gonzales sees himself as the Chief Protector of the President and his band of henchmen.

The outting of Valarie Plame was of no consequence whatsoever to the people involved.

In their minds, defending their party’s position on Iraq was the ultimate goal and if an entire CIA covert operation had to go, so be it.

The firing of the United States Attorneys arose from the same concern.  If they had to get rid of every U.S. Attorney in the United States to protect their people, that’s what they would do.

Now, it also must be said that Democrats are known to act in the same manner when they gain total power.

Recently in California, the Speaker Pro Tem of the House locked some moderate Democrats out of their offices because he was miffed that they were associating with other Democrats that the thinks are too moderate.

And yes, Roosevelt tried to pack the Supreme Court to get his New Deal programs approved.

But, in my 60 plus years, there’s never been anything quite like this.

I’d much rather have unorganized Democrats in charge.  Whatever issues they have are, for the most part, issues of using their power to get laid. Their conquests are pretty much limited to a few women, and maybe a guy or two.  Some petty personal peccadillo’s.

But these goose stepping, highly organized Republicans who want to blitzkrieg the world in their image while denying everybody any pleasurable activities are totally scary.

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