More Support For the Troops

It seems weird that Tucker Carlson and others should belittle the British sailors and marines who were captured by the Iranians, but there is a good reason why the wingers need to try to make us believe that there’s something wrong with the victims of this unfortunate episode.

The Republicans are the party of torture, secret prisons, and human rights abuses.  They’re convinced that torture will provide them with truthful, accurate and timely information on their many enemies. 

Like most dictator types, they look upon torture, coercion, and psychological terror as useful tools to help them remain in power.

So, when sailors and marines go on television and say things that aren’t true because they’ve been pressured by coercion, and psychological mind games, it invalidates the Republicans’ mantra that information gained by torture is reliable and accurate.

In winger world, this can’t possibly be. They have a lot riding on that discredited idea. So the only other possible explanation is that there must be something terribly wrong with the British sailors and marines.

Blame the victims for succumbing to their captor’s pressure. 

Support the troops.

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