Bodega Bay House Slides into Bay

SmithRoad HouseThis Smith Brothers Road House slid down to the Beach 


The resident, a retired fisherman was watching television when his house fell off the side of the cliff and down onto the beach.  According to local reports, he wasn’t seriously injured.  This house has looked pretty unstable for a while.  It’s a good thing that this is just across Highway 1 from the Bodega Bay Fire Station.

One Response to “Bodega Bay House Slides into Bay”

  1. Robyn Cox Says:

    I am seeking your permission to use the photo titled ‘Bodega Bay House Slides into Bay’ on an educational DVD titled ‘Early Success in School – The Foundation Skills’. The DVD is being produced for use by educators and parents – for the purpose of sharing knowledge about getting children developmentally ready before introducing them to formal learning. Please email me to let me know if I have your permission to use the photo.

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