Democrats Snatch Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

This is pathetic.  The Democrats just capitulated to a guy with a 30% approval rating concerning his handling of the Iraq war.

I’m embarrassed to say that one Democratic California Senator, Diane (Fund The War) Feinstein, voted for Bush’s War.  I’m pleased to report that our other Senator, Barbara Boxer, didn’t.  What could Feinstein be thinking?  Just how easily are these people intimidated?

This is ridiculous.  Congress sent the President a bill that fully funded the troops.  It was Bush’s veto that endangered the funding, not the Democratic Congress.

Only 20% of the American people think the surge is making a
positive difference in Iraq. Eighty percent (80%) don’t think it’s working.  These are numbers that should give the Democrats some backbone.

But apparently not.

A full 61% of the American public thinks we should never have invaded Iraq in the first place.  Again, numbers that you would think would give the Democrats some backbone to do what most Americans what them to do.

The key theme here should be that we never should have invaded Iraq in the first place.  All the talk about the flawed planning, and the unfortunate aftermath of the invasion is irrelevant. The main point to be made over and over again is that we never should have invaded Iraq.

And, if we shouldn’t have been there in the first place, it follows that we should get out in an orderly fashion. Getting out of Iraq will take some planning, and it will probably take a year or so to execute.  We need to start now.  We need to appropriate funds to plan for a withdrawal.

The Democrats like to say they are for the "people."  So, if they’re for the people, why don’t they start acting like it and stand up to the most tyrannical American administration in modern history?


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