Who’s Who in Health Care Reform

You’re going to be hearing a lot about health care reform in California in the coming months. As you might guess, the various interest groups are already winding up their noise machines to get everybody as confused as possible about which plan should go forward.

Some of these special interest groups have created political action coalitions with reasonable sounding names, but some of them are created specifically to torpedo any meaningful reform.

Here are some of the outfits you’re going to be hearing from:

The Coalition for Responsible Healthcare Reform

Blue Cross is going to spend $2 million dollars in an attempt to undermine health care insurance reform in California. Thus far, the only member of this “coalition” is Blue Cross.

The Coalition to Advance Health Care Reform

This is a Safeway led lobbying group that seeks market-based solutions to the medical health insurance crisis. There are some forty corporations in this coalition so far.

Together For Health Care
This outfit is supported by the Service Employees International Union, AARP, The California Medical Association, Blue Shield, Health Net, and Kaiser Permanente.

Check these groups out and then maybe you’ll understand where they’re coming from when you start seeing their ads on television.


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