Readers Payment Service

The mailman delivered another one of those bogus magazine subscription letters the other day.

This time it’s from Readers Payment Service, P.O. Box 61001, Reno, NV 89506-0020.

This is the same post office box address used by Magazine Billing Service (MBS) and ABDI.  In fact, the return address on the back of the mailing envelope has the ABDI return address.

One of the “Notice of Renewal/New Order”from Readers Payment Service is for Games for Windows magazine.  The form claims “80% off Cover Price.”

Readers Payment Service is charging $60.00 a year for Games for Windows magazine. 

If you take a look at Games for Windows website, you’ll find that the yearly fee for the magazine is $19.97 for 12 issues. 

You will also see that they state an annual newsstand price of $59.88. In addition, they have a deal that includes two free issues.

So, while the mailing does state that it is not a bill, the offer misrepresents the savings from the cover price of the magazine. 

If you respond to this offer, you will pay $60.00 for a subscription that is offered by the magazine for $19.97.

Not a bad deal – for Readers Payment Service.


42 Responses to “Readers Payment Service”

  1. July Says:

    i got the same thing but i never subscribe to anything? did you send them a payment? and last but not least this is not a bill right? cuz i will be relieved if its not.

  2. The North Coast Curmudgeon Says:

    It’s not a bill.

  3. Rob Says:

    I got suckered by RPS into buying Cruising World mag. I would be delighted to keelhaul them.

    Thanks for the info. Too bad I was too late.

  4. Bruce Says:

    I just received one of these. Here is the text of the e-mail that I sent to everyone I know (I included the link to your blog): I wanted to make you aware of a magazine subscription renewal scam that we just stumbled upon. Patti recently received what appeared to be a bill from Readers Payment Service for a renewal of her already existing subscription to Phoenix Home & Garden Magazine. She placed it on the pile of bills to be paid. I had actually written out the check when I happened to notice that the purported renewal notice was for “PHEONIX Home & Garden.” I found it a bit odd that the magazine company had spelled the name of their magazine incorrectly. I then searched the web and found that Phoenix Home & Garden Magazine’s standard offer for a subscription was actually less than what we had been “billed” for. I then searched for “Readers Payment Service” and discovered that this is, in fact, a scam. If you read the fine print on the “bill” it does state that it is not a bill, however if you look at the example via the link below (which looks just like the “bill” that we received) you can see how an otherwise reasonable person could conclude that this “bill” is legitimate, particularly if that particular person should happen to have an already existing subscription to whatever magazine the “bill” purports to be a renewal for. Be aware. Crooks will scam you any way that they can and they seem to be getting more sly.

  5. Bert H. Cook Says:

    I have received similar letters from these people for my subscriptions to Air Classics Magazine and Aviation History Magazine. I have called both pub lishers and they have told me that neither of these billing agencies are authorized to accept subscriptions to their magazines. They both have filed complaints with the U.S. Postal Service for Postal Fraud.

  6. geoffsdad Says:

    I get these for a magazine I ordered directly from the publisher for my son. I don’t understand how they know about this subscription and when I called the publisher I was told they absolutely do not sell their subscriber list. I don’t know how else they would have gotten the info.

  7. Andrew Says:

    Good for you for blogging about these scammers. These guys are total crooks. They steal mailing lists from magazine publishers and then send out these forms that look like renewals. I suggest that anyone who gets deceived or defrauded by them should contact the Nevada Attorney General’s office:

  8. Donna Says:

    We recieved the same example card as the one above, but for a subscription to Reptiles magazine which we do have one with. We sent in payment not realizing it wasnt legit.
    Try to call and they state its just an offer but they offer no way of refunding payment to fools like us that sent them money.
    WOW, these guys are good. You’d figure if their that good at scamming, just think of what they could do positively! Its unfortunate.

  9. Merv Ashby Says:

    I paid for a subscription for SUNSET magazine, never recieved it, and now “readers payment services” wants another $12.00 from me, when you call the 866 number it says the customer service mailbox is full and tells you to hang up. Oops, I got suckered!

  10. Karen Says:

    We got suckered too! Sent $24.00 for a subscription to Southern Accents, which we thought was a renewal. Never received one issue and Southern Accents says they have no record of it and Readers Payment Services is not authorized to sell their magazine.

  11. Wanda Says:

    There is someone sending these messages through the Yahoo groups. I think people tend to trust people in animal rescue groups and prey upon them.

    I saw their message on a bird rescue group. It looked totally honest, but something about it just did not feel right to me, so I began to look into it. Glad I did. Today, I got their non-bill in the mail. I do not know how they got my address. I have not subscribed to a magazine in more than 10 years.

    Thanks for letting people know about this.

  12. Laura Says:

    I started receiving the same notices for several magazines I subscribe to and thought the companies started using a billing service. After working in retail for almost 20 years, I thought I would be wise enough to realize this was a scam early on, but not until I wrote out 3 checks and saw the subscription renewals in the magazines for 1/3 of what I paid. When they sent me a “Notice of Renewal” for a magazine I don’t even subscribe to, the bells finally went off.

    Thank you for posting all of the comments!

  13. Jackie Powell Says:

    They are still at it. I do subscribe to a couple of art magazines, but they went me a renewal/neworder for ART NEWS magazine – I’ve never heard it it, but apparently they know that I am interested in art — what creeps!!! Their quoted price for the Art News was $34.48 for 1 year and $68.95 for two.

  14. Elizabeth Pitts Says:

    I too have been victimized by Readers Payment Service. I contacted the magazine and found out that RPS didn’t even remit the money for the supposed subscription to them. When I complained to RPS they said that they aren’t the people I paid – that the check would’ve been deposited to “Orbital Publishing” – never mind that the check was payable to RPS. I looked at other RPS bills and they all have different account numbers, but the fake bills/”offers” all clearly say “make your check payable to RPS.”

    What amazes me is that otherwise upstanding publications actually do business with these thieves. I’ve cancelled all publications to which I’ve subscribed through RPS and told them I don’t do business with people who sleep with scammers like this. I’ve also reported RPS to numerous consumer groups and would encourage you to do the same.

  15. Merv Ashby Says:

    I am still receiving “bills” from these thieves. I am confused as to why the US Postal service fraud division has not shut them down. Is the US Postal service in collusion with RPS or not smart enough to catch them???

  16. Douglas Fountain Says:

    Please delete Barbara Walin, 1192 Crestview Dr, Fortuna, CA 95540 from all magazine subscription renewals. She passed away in May 2010. We have no intention of renewing any magazines that were subscribed to by her.

    Thank you

  17. Lisa Wagner Says:

    Me too…..Palm Springs Life

  18. Susan Swagler Says:

    My 92-year-old uncle got two such renewal notices from RPS last week. One for National Geographic and another for the National Enquirer (yes, I know; he has eclectic reading tastes). When I called to see exactly when the subscriptions are up for renewal, they told me December 2013 for National Geographic and March 24 of 2016 for the National Enquirer. Yet my uncle gets these notices several times a year! Also, the price for Nat Geo on the official website is $15 for a year’s subscription. The special RPS price is $59.95. Similar situation with the National Enquirer where a year’s subscription is $101.40 on the website and $149.95 with RPS. These people should be ashamed for taking advantage of people like my Uncle Frank.

  19. Denise Says:

    Received a fake bill from RPS today to renew/subscribe to Wall Street Journal. On the WSJ website they talk about these scammers & request that the fake bills be sent to them. I remembered having read about scams involving subscriptions to the WSJ and will be forwarding this fake bill to them. We also auto-pay for our subscription so that was another tip-off that this “bill” was bogus.

  20. Way Says:

    The people who prey on others like this are assholes with BIG mansions, fancy cars, greedy wives and spoiled kids. Our government knows who they are, if they had any balls they’d go in and seize their assets and make an example out of them.

  21. Jerald Says:

    I’ve received several “nonbills/invoices” from Readers Subscription Services. Most noteworthy are Woodworkers Journal to which I do have a subscribtion to and even more mind blowing, National Geographic because of the “great deal” RPS offers. The invoice for Woodworkers Journal would have me paying $49.98 for a magazine that costs $5.99 on the newsstands at my favorite grocery store.

    I’m sure that my wife would have not noticed the outrageous price these scammers are charging and would have written a check to them to keep my subscription current. Luckily I opened the mail out of curiosity. (she usually pays the monthly bills) Thanks for providing a place to read others experiences with this bunch of crooks.

  22. Donald Squires Says:

    National Geographic has become one of their favorite magazines to scam subscriptions from because it has a lot of elderly subscribers. It’s all about creating confusion… and sadly enough the elderly appear to be a major target for them.

    • Mary McCall Says:

      I got a bill for $49 for 6 issues of Archaeology Magazine. Yes, I do subscribe, but for a lot less than $49. It has SCAM all over it. And yes, I’m old. Just not stupid.

  23. William Braden Says:

    Here’s an odd story. I got a postcard about them giving me a refund. I was able to reach the number and they said I had paid them $600 a year ago for Wall St Jnl but they couldn’t fulfill it so they would refund it. Punch line: my office manager says we never sent them a check! And don’t worry, they haven’t sent the refund. Puzzling!

  24. Laura Says:

    Well, nothing has changed since my post on August 2009. Just today I received a “notice of renewal/new order”, but this time, the address is in San Marcos. I sent a letter to the postmaster in Reno Nevada and White City Oregon, so now they’re coming from San Marcos, CA. BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Laura Barnett Says:

    Now the scammers are sending their notices from Bellingham Washington. Received a notice today for a magazine (Quilter’s World) I no longer subscribe to and it said: Make Check Payable to:
    PO Box 29771
    Bellingham, WA 98228
    In the amount of $69.95!

    If you go to the website for Quilter’s World it only costs:
    $21.97 + $2.98 shipping for one year which is 4 issues!

  26. Laura Barnett Says:

    Wow, received another “notice of continuation/new order offer” from a new address:
    Make check payable to:
    “APG” Atlantic Publishers Group, LLC
    PO Box 787
    Niwot, CO 80544


    If you go to the website for Quiltmaker, it only costs $19.97 as of March 30, 2016.

  27. Gina Says:

    Thanks for your postings about “APG” and “GPP”
    Makes me sick that they are at it again…
    If it’s not too much trouble, can you scan and post a copy of their phony invoice so people can see what it looks like? Thanks!

  28. Ron Says:

    I got this for “People Magazine”…. $179.95 for a year! Ripoff Alert!

    Make check payable to:
    “APG” Atlantic Publishers Group, LLC
    PO Box 787
    Niwot, CO 80544


    • Laura Barnett Says:

      That’s a great deal compared to the one I just received for People magazine @ $199.95 per year!

      • Jackie Thompson Says:

        I just received the same deal from them today. People magazine @$199.95 per year! Are they insane???? Who do they think is going to pay that much for a magazine subscription?

      • Lee Says:

        Just received the same exact piece of scam $199.95 for People magazine which I never subscribed to. Pay either $199.95 or $99.98 LOL
        same address: APG Atlantic Publishers Group LLC PO Box 787 Niwot, CO 80544 303 834 8880. I can’t believe this has been going on this long!

  29. Lavern Buck Braun Says:

    the latest sucker report is//readers digest cost 16,95 per year/ihave paid in advance but received a notice for 74,95 for 3 years/the three years should be 50,94 not 74,95/the scammers have people working for them who can not due simple math or are stealing from their own company/the need each other, Buck Braun KENAI ALASKA

  30. Maria Says:

    I just got one of these “scams” myself….it’s for Womans World mag….they want $159.90 for a 1 year subscription….do the MATH
    People….at $1.49 an issue….it comes to $17.88 a year….these
    People are more STUPID than the one’s who fall for their Scams….
    They should ALL be rounded up and put in the slammer….and made to pay back everyone they ripped off….BEWARE AMERICA….their EVERYWHERE….

  31. Gizmo's mommy Says:

    I got one of these phony bills today purporting to be for a magazine that I don’t own a subscription. The bill was 4x the amount of what I could otherwise purchase the magazine for directly from the publisher. Additionally, on the back of “this bill”, it said that they will refund your money but a total processing fee of $9 would be included plus “their costs” to submit the order. They don’t qualify what “their costs” are, or what the costs are based upon. I’m assuming that it would be pretty high and you wouldn’t get any of your money back. It would be interesting to know if anybody did send in their money and decided to cancel, what their refund was, if any. My guess is they wouldn’t have gotten anything back. There’s a phone number on the front of the bill, so I did research. The phone number lists two people living in a nearby town in Colorado, both born the same year and both are members of a weird political party, UAF, that I don’t believe is a recognized party in the United States. But either way it’s a scam. They’re not getting a cent from me.

  32. Laura Barnett Says:

    I received yet another “bill” from a different scam company. This one is from SPMC (Secured Publisher Mail Center), 1740H Dell Range Blvd. #514, Cheyenne, WY 82009

    This time the subscription costs $74.33 through them for 12 issues, direct from the publisher, the cost is $21.97 for 6 issues. $30.39 to the scammers.

    In a post above, Gina requests that I attach a copy of the bill for everyone to see, but I’m not quite sure how to attach a scan.

  33. gina Says:

    Thanks for another subscription scammer alert. SPMC, and the rest of these greedy suckers stink to high heaven.
    You’re doing people who receive these magazine subscription SCAM renewal billing quite a service by posting –a Google search led me here in the first place. (don’t worry about a scan, come to think of it, I wouldn’t know how to add one either). Please just keep us in the SCAMMER Renewal subscription loop! thanks, Gina

    • Laura Barnett Says:

      I received two new scams in the mail within a week of each other–both with “Official Business” Penalty for Private Use in the return address area.
      “APG” Atlantic Publishers Group, LLC
      PO Box 787
      Niwot, CO 80544
      The subscription they are trying to get me to renew costs $49.95, but if you go online, it’s only $19.97.

      “SPP” Southwest Publication Processing, Inc.
      7875 E. 24th Street Suite 2
      Yuma, AZ 85365
      The subscription they are trying to get me to renew costs $69.95, but if you go online, it’s only $24.95.


  34. Miki Osep Says:

    I received a bill from Atlantic Publishers Group with the same phone number, wanting $59.95 for a two-year subscription to Southern Living. I already subcribe to that magazine. This is the second scammer that has sent bills for magazines I already subscribe to. Read the fine print. If a bill is not directly from a magazine, don’t pay it. Third-party scamners always charge more. And call the customer service number of the magazine you are being billed for. Their legal departments will follow up, and stop this practice. Also call the third party, and tell them to cancel the subscription, so it won’t go to a collection agency when you refuse to pay. Don’t erase the number on your phone so you have proof of making the call. The first scamner called me several times a day for two weeks. When I finally answered the phone, the scammer tried very hard to get my credit card number, but with no success. When I tried to call that number back, it was disconnected. I googled the number, and found out it was a scam. I already subscribe to Guideposts magazine, so why do I need another subscription? Be alert, folks. There are a lot of scammers out there.

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