John McCain’s 100 Year War Against Muslims

But I also firmly believe that the challenge of the 21st century is the struggle against radical Islamic extremism. It is a transcendent issue.It is hydra-headed. It will be with us for the rest of the century. (John McCain)

But what on earth is McCain talking about? Notlong ago it was enough to sate the historical vanity of the War onTerror mongers to dub it a ‘long war’ or ‘generational struggle’, whichit may well be. (Josh Marshall)

Well, what McCain could be talking about is that the struggle against Islam has gone on for much more than a century in parts of the world. To be more specific, it has gone on for over 300 years in the Southern Philippines. (More here)

The government is still fighting radical Muslims in the Southern Philippines, just as the Spanish were fighting them in the 1500’s.

U.S. forces have recently been deployed to Jolo in the Sulu archipelago to do Medical Civic Action Programs (MEDCAPS) and other public works programs.

The U.S. Army was fighting in Jolo in 1900, and we’re still there in 2007.

Oh, and by the way, it took about 800 years for the Spanish to oust the Moors from Spain.

I’m certainly no fan of John McCain, but when he speaks of a century of struggle against radical Islamists, he does have history on his side.


Knocking Out the Moros

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