Democrats Targeted By Bush DOJ

A study by Donald C. Shields, Ph.D. (University of Minnesota, 1974) Professor Emeritus, Department of Communication, University of Missouri – St. Louis, and John F. Cragan (University of Minnesota, 1972) Professor Emeritus, Department of Communication, Illinois State University shows the without doubt that the Bush Administration’s Justice Department has been targeting Democrats.

Their ongoing study of the Bush Justice Department (to be published in 2009) investigates the implications of the Bush/Ashcroft/Gonzales Justice Department’s blended religious -fundamentalist and neo-conservative rhetorical vision.

They compare political profiling to racial profiling by presenting the results (January 2001 through December 2006) of the U.S. Attorneys’ federal investigation and/or indictment of 375 elected officials. The distribution of party affiliation of the sample is compared to the available normative data (50% Dem, 41% GOP, and 9% Ind.).

Data below indicate that the offices of the U.S. Attorneys across the nation investigate seven (7) times as many Democratic officials as they investigate Republican officials, a number that exceeds even the racial profiling of African Americans in traffic stops.

Just check out this table (.pdf) and look at how many Democrats are listed and how many Republicans are listed.

For the full story look here.

Some of these people are legitimate targets and others not so much. I’d like to see how many of these people were actually indicted, plead, or were convicted. You may recognize some of the names on this list. Some of this data may not be accurate. The study and the data are still not complete, but even with some flaws and incomplete data, the pattern is clear.

2 Responses to “Democrats Targeted By Bush DOJ”

  1. CBrooks Says:

    “Ex-Governor Siegelman Put In Prison So Bob Riley Can Be Groomed As A GOP Vice Presidential Candidate”.

    Bush’s justice appointees used the justice system to kidnap Don Siegelman. An order was sent to the prison 600 miles away that he is to be kept under strict watch 24 by 7 not allowing communicating with no one except for limited communications with his wife, children and attorneys.

    (a) When Siegelman was Secretary of State and Attorney General, he referred several irregularities of cash flow to state and federal law enforcement which included sham organizations, Contra drug trafficking, tax evasion and money laundering. The results of the investigations found that much were linked to high ranking politicians in Alabama, Florida, Arkansas and sometimes Georgia, and Mississippi. Siegelman is a very smart attorney. He holds two law degrees. He knows more about Alabama’s politics than anyone, being the only person in history to have served the top four government offices in Alabama and he has first hand experience of how a White house backed conspiracy works. This is a partial list of the skeletons that they don’t want big media to know about:

    (a) Voting fraud- Voting machine expert Dan Gans of Riley’s staff is very knowledgeable of “Diebold Optical Scan Voting Machines” and of the “ES&S Central Voting Tabular” used in Alabama elections. He is believed to have altered the election totals on election night in the 2002 gubernatorial election.

    (b) Millions of dollars of dirty campaign money was used to defeat Siegelman’s Education Lottery and to defeat his gubernatorial campaigns. The money came from big business clients of lobbyist Jack Abramoff, Michael Scanlon, Toby Roth, Rob Riley and William Canary. Several different National GOP associations along with some sham organizations ran by Robin Vanderwall, Preston Gates, Ralph Reed, Glover Norquist and William Canary laundered the money so that it wouldn’t be obvious who the donors were.

    (c ) The newspaper giant Newhouse/Advance Publications has an arrangement with the GOP and the U.S. attorneys in Alabama to print articles hand fed to them by Alabama GOP operatives and the Bush appointed U.S. attorneys in Alabama to create a corrupt public image of Siegelman, and other top Democratic politicians.

  2. M. Hale Says:

    Alabama has severely been hurt by W’s judicial appointees. George W.’s U.S. Appointees in Montgomery Alabama profiled and prosecuted the state’s most popular democrat Don Siegelman so Riley could win the governor’s elections.

    Al. has become the prototype and role model of RPMPM (Rove’s Politically Motivated Prosecuting Machine) as well as electronic Diebold Optical Scan Voting Machine and ES&S Central Tabulator tampering and how to cover up multi-million dollar campaign contributions that was used against Siegelman’s Education Lottery and to elect Riley (mainly from Lobbyist Jack Abramoff and Michael Scanlon)

    The U.S. judge’s second jobs is the president and 47% owner of a multi-million dollar military contracting company. The U.S. attorney is married to a Major GOP operative who has worked jointly managing Al. elections with Karl Rove in 1994 (Alabama supreme court justices), 1998 (William Pryor, Al. attorney general and in 2002 and 2006 (Robert Riley Sr. Al. Gov.). The assistant U.S. attorney is the Inspector General of one of the nearby Military bases. He recently approved a military contract with the judge’s military contracting company.

    The governor is being groomed to be McCain’s running mate. George W. even provided a generous retirement package to his recent Secret Service agent-in-charge (ChristopherMuphy) of the three state area so that he could use his connections to take care of people that got in the way for Riley during Alabama’s reformation.

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