Diane Feinstein Again

You have to ask yourself why would Diane (The California Leiberman) Feinstein want to give the telecoms immunity?

The NSA’s spying was uncovered right in her hometown of San Francisco. The lead case is currently moving through the court system.

And this isn’t the first time this sort of thing has happened. The RCA, ITT, and Western Union happily gave their tapes of overseas traffic to the NSA for years. The NSA even set up a phony business in New York to copy these tapes before they went back to the telecommunication companies.

You’d think that a Senator from the epicenter of liberalism would want to protect her constituents from another episode of unlawful government spying – San Francisco values, and all.

Feinstein likes to call herself a “centerist” but if you look at her scores at Project Vote Smart, you’ll see that she scores a 76.5 score, which is slightly above Hillary Clinton (70.2). But recently, she has voted for a questionable judge, she’s voted for a questionable Attorney General, she voted for the Iraq war, and now, is voting to let corporate criminal activity go unpunished.

Even more bizarre, you can’t blame it on campaign finance money because according to a listing at OpenSecrets.org, there are no telecoms in her top 20 contributors.

Could we be seeing the first signs of senile dementia?

It All Started Here

It All Started Here

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