Bodega Bay Crabbing

Crab Politics

The continued commercial crab hold out is getting ugly with out of state boats jumping the line and now reports of sport gear being vandalized and cut. While I don’t agree with the unlimited commercial pressure that is put on this resource that belongs to all of us  I do support that the local stocks should be managed for the local commercial and sport fleet as the money made locally stays local and supports local harbors and businesses. When out of state boats are working over our fisheries the money made goes home with those crews and local businesses and facilities suffer. Pot limits would slow the race for crab but the governor has twice vetoed legislation that is so obviously needed now. Maybe this year we will finally have Arnold’s ear and get commercial pot limits put into effect.

Read a lot more here, courtesy of the Bodega Bay Fishing Report.

Way more that you probably need to know about crabs here.


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