Progressive Radio?

Did you ever wonder why with “San Francisco values” and all, why KKGN only is rating a 1.0 share in the Fall 20076 Arbitron Ratings?

While at the same time, KSFO, which evolved from “The World’s Greatest Radio Station” to host for a stable of conservative talkers rates a 3.4 share in the Fall 2007 Arbitron ratings.

KNEW a Clear Channel station, that also owns KKGN, is host to Michael Savage came up with a 1.3 share in the latest Arbitron ratings.

Even up here in Sonoma County, with all the Greens, aging hippies, crystal gazers, and bumper sticker liberals, KNEW and KSFO beat out KKGN in the latest ratings.

What’s going on here?

Progressive Radio Listener

A Progressive Radio Listener

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