Barack Obama and The DLC

Do you know where your Obama is on the political spectrum?

Here’s a short piece that might help you understand where he’s coming from.

You should also know that Hillary Clinton is deeply involved with the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC).

You should further know that the DLC is not a progressive group.

In fact, the DLC has been called, “Republican Trojan Horse in the bowels of the Democratic machinery”.

The DLC supports privatization of Social Security and Medicare.

The DLC is pro-big business. They like to turn government provided services over to private corporations. They like to get rid of labor unions and send jobs overseas.

Under the name, “The Third Way,” Hillary Clinton will carry on with some of the same nonsense we have endured with her husband and the Bush regime.

Hillary Clinton is no progressive or populist.

At one time, the DLC apparently placed Obama’s name on their rolls without his consent. He has had his name removed from the DLC.

Just thought you should know.

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