Carole Midgen – Democratic Scofflaw

Today, California State Senator, Carole Midgeon has the honor of joining my list of Democratic Scandals.

Carole Midgen (b. 1948 ) — Midgen is a California state senator and a former member of the state assembly. She is a member of the National Democratic Committee. On March 20, 2008, the California Fair Political Practices Commission announced that Midgen was accessed the largest fine in the Commission’s history of $350,000 for 89 violations of the state’s campaign financing laws. In addition to this fine, Midgen is contesting additional charges of misuse of campaign funds in a Federal lawsuit against the California Fair Political Practices Commission.

The senator also has some driving issues. On May 18, 2007, the senator rear-ended a 2005 Honda sedan, which was slowing to a stop behind a van that had already stopped at a red signal light at the intersection of Beck Avenue and Highway 12 in Solano County.

Migden’s office released a statement saying that her cell phone rang and in reaching for the phone, she took her eyes off the road.

Later, she said it was the medication she was taking to keep her leukemia in remission that caused her to lose focus on her driving.

However, more than half a dozen motorists called 911 to report erratic driving by the San Francisco Democrat, whose district includes southern Sonoma County, including Petaluma and Rohnert Park, the CHP said.

Midgen eventually was sentenced to informal probation for reckless driving.

Eleven years ago, Midgen was showing her sensitivity to the locals in Sacramento by running them off the road.

Teresa Latham, a tax technician at the state Board of Equalization, said she still harbors bitter feelings about the accident that totaled the car she had paid off eight months earlier.

She said Migden barely spoke to her and didn’t seem worried about her welfare after Latham’s car was spun onto O Street from 15th Street, causing the air bag to go off.

For her part, Carole Migden is quoted in the March 23, 2008 San Francisco Chronicle as stating,

“People don’t really care about things like this – they care about the work you do,” Migden said. “I can only face up to it, say I’m sorry and move on.”

Midgen seems to more than qualified to join the others on my list of Democratic Scandals.

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