Pelosi To Squeeze Park Service Out of the Presidio

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi introduces “technical” amendments to the Presidio Trust Act in H.R. 6305 that deceptively increase the Trust’s independence from oversight by the Park Service Presidio Historical Association and the National Parks Conservation Association are working to preserve NPS involvement in bringing the Presidio back to National Park standards.

Here’s part of what she’s trying to sneak into the Presidio Trust Act.


Section 102 Authority and Responsibility of the Secretary of the Interior
(b) Public Information and Interpretation.–The Secretary and the Presidio Trust shall provide shall be responsible, in cooperation with the Presidio Trust, for providing public interpretive services, visitor orientation and educational programs on all lands within the Presidio.

Section 103 Establishment of the Presidio Trust
(b) Transfer.—
(1) …The Secretary shall retain jurisdiction over those portions of the building identified as number 102 as the Secretary deems essential for use as a visitor center. The Building shall be named the “William Penn Mott Visitor Center.” The Trust shall designate a prominently placed building to be the site of a visitor center to be operated jointly by the Trust and the National Park Service. In selecting the site for the visitor center, the Trust shall obtain the concurrence of the Superintendent of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. The visitor center shall be named the “William Penn Mott Visitor Center” and may be relocated by mutual consent of the Trust and the Superintendent of the GGRNA].

Please tell Speaker Pelosi that you oppose cutting the National Park Service out of the management of the Presidio of San Francisco in order to allow the founder of the GAP to build his totally inappropriate monument to himself in the heart of the historic post.

More of the markup here (.pdf)

Fort Scott

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