A Visit to the Urologist

The North Coast Curmudgeon paid a visit to his urologist the other day.

It seems that when we get old, our prostate sometimes gets bigger than it is supposed to be and begins to pinch off our urethra – the tube that empties our bladder.

This is not prostate cancer, but can cause us to have to pee all the time or at least feel that we have to pee all the time.

And, of course, there’s a cure.

What they do is stick a catheter up your dick, and then put a rectal temperature monitor up your ass that’s the size of a self-propelled grenade.

Notice even the spin doctors who wrote this brochure touting this treatment don’t have the balls to call this thing a thermometer, because it’s so big that they have to lub it up with K-Y ® jelly and put some kind of metal clamp to keep it in place.

Then, for 45 minutes,  you hang around with a pipe up your dick and a rocket up your ass while they apply heat to your prostate which is supposed to shrink the tissue enough to unclog your piss pipe.

The Treatment

They helpfully tell you, “If you experience severe pain, please inform your physician right away.”

Does anything in that diagram look painful or even slightly uncomfortable to you?

Just great!  Uh,  No thanks.

I can tell you that The North Coast Curmudgeon will be exploring all alternatives, including trying a drug called Uroxatral before subjecting himself to anything like what is in that picture.

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