New Fisher museum plans as objectionable as the old

What is the matter with these people?

The Presidio Trust has just disclosed plans that would allow the Fisher Contemporary Art Museum to be built directly across from the Main Parade Ground. The new plans, like the original one to build the museum on the Main Parade Ground itself, already face significant opposition.

The new site is where the Presidio preschool, senior center and Herbst Exhibition Hall now stand. These facilities would all be demolished, along with the bowling facility and tennis courts.

The Fisher museumwould be sited at a higher elevation and directly overlook, unobstructed, the entire Main Parade Ground. The proposed museum would be much larger – 40 percent bigger – as the plans now call for 140,000 square feet, instead of 100,000 square feet. Under one variation, a 20,000 square-foot unit of the museum would on the Main Parade – a key objection to the original plan.

Read more from the San Francisco Chronicle here.

My we suggest a large, year-end, tax exempt donation to the Presidio Historical Association, one of the organizations that is fighting to protect the intergity of the National Landmark status of the Presidio of San Francisco.


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