Harry Reid Says Federal SuperMax Prisons Unsafe

QUESTION: But Senator, Senator, it’s not that you’re not being clear when you say you don’t want them released. But could you say — would you be all right with them being transferred to an American prison?

REID: Not in the United States.

According to Think Progress, dozens of convicted terrorists are being held securely in federal prisons, and the U.S. has already prosecuted 145 terrorism cases in federal court. Reid’s position aligns him with Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK), who also opposes “the transfer of the detainees to US soil.

We need to hear from the Director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons Harley G. Lappin, about this alarmingly unsafe situation in his prison system.

For starters good ol’ Harley can explain about the riot and the near loss of control of the prison in 2008.

Then, Harley might want to tell us about this.

What does Harley think about transferring these people to the Federal Prison system?

Another worry is that if we put these terrorists on trial and get an O. J. type jury or a jury that wants to demonstrate their opposition to the GWOT – they could well walk, and then we really would be releasing them in the United States.

Supermax Florence

Supermax Florence Towers

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