Henry 1 At Bodega Harbour

Henry 1 comes in to drop the Long-Line

Stowing Long-Line gear on Henry 1

Henry 1 Takes Off from Bodega Harbour Bluff

Henry 1

Sonoma Sheriff’s Henry 1 Leaves Bodega Harbour

It appeared that Sonoma Sheriff”s Henry 1 was going to do a long-line rescue, but they dropped the line, landed on the bluff, stowed the long-line gear, and took off.  Don’t know what the call was, but we got a front row seat for the event.

As understand it, Sonoma Sheriff is one of only a few agencies that put a person at the end of a 100 foot line under a helicopter to pluck people out of the water and off the edges of cliffs.

A bit of showing off, as he left by zooming down the cliff towards the water.

One Response to “Henry 1 At Bodega Harbour”


    This rescue was for me. i broke my foot at the end of trail to beach. Slipped on rocks at end of trail. foot slipped between two rocks and i lost my balance and when I fell i heard the break and looked and leg pointed out straight and right foot hanging to right. it was awful. I rented a house at golf course for my 49th birthday. its a birthday I will never forget. God Bless the Bodega Fire dept. Sheriffs office and park rangers. There was no other option to get me up safe other than the Helicopter rescue. I thought I was going in it then saw the cable and it was scary to say the least. God Bless the helicopter crew and pilot. what an exceptional recue team.

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