Not So Secure Sharps Container

I first noticed them in the restrooms in the Indian Casinos. Then, they started showing up in restrooms in restaurants.

They are Sharps containers for used syringes. Ostensibly, they are in restrooms to allow diabetics to safely dispose of their syringes.

But look at this Sharp’s container in the restroom in Coddingtown Mall in Santa Rosa, California. It’s been broken into so somebody
could steal the used syringes.

Apparently, this is not the first time this sort of thing has happened.

I understand that people have been stuck with needles when emptying the trash in public restrooms, but is this really a good idea?

Don’t diabetics have a place to stash their used syringes in the kit they carry with them?

What sort of syringes does that leave us with in these containers?

Just wondering.

Sharps Container

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