Good Bye Big Guy

Big Guy 2007-2011

On Wednesday, October 5th 2011, somebody hit and killed our big, goofy, Maine Coon mix cat.  It happened right in front of the house, we didn’t hear anything,  we had the screen open waiting for him to come jumping up on the front deck and announce to us that he was home.

He never made it.

A neighbor coming back from his walk found him dead in the middle of the street.

We never thought that he would get hit by a car because we live on a short, dead-end cul-de-sac street with almost no traffic.

We lived in Long Beach for 30 years and our cats roamed all over the neighborhood and never had the slightest problem with traffic.

In 2007, somebody dumped Big Guy out here in Bodega Harbour.  He was running around the golf course for a while and eventually adopted us.  He was the sweetest cat we have ever had.

He was like a dog really. He couldn’t get enough attention. He wanted to have his belly and his chin scratched.  He wanted to be petted while he ate.

If  he was down the street and he saw us, his tail would pop straight up, and he’d come trotting up the street and fall over at our feet and want to be petted.

You could hear him purring several rooms away. He would follow us from room to room, and even followed us on our 2 mile walks around the Harbour.

He’d plop down by my computer, start purring, stay for a while, and then go into the other room and plop down on a pillow by the wife when she was watching television. He had no bad traits or habits whatsoever.

He would sometimes catch 3 or 4 critters a day – gophers, moles, and mice. He’d bring them to the door or slider and want to be praised for his great catch.

He was a big 16 pound sweetheart.

We’re devastated with his loss.  It’s going to take some time to work though, but he gave us a huge amount of pleasure during his life.  I hope we made his short life happier.

We now understand that Big Guy’s traits are typical of the Maine Coon breed and that any future cat we adopt will have to be an inside cat even though we live in a rural area on a dead-end street with a golf course in the back yard that’s full of critters for a cat to catch.

We are looking in to creating a closed in glass porch in the back of the house for a future cat, and are researching Maine Coon breeders in the area.

I sincerely hope nobody reading this has this happen to them.

Big Guy after a hard day’s work catching critters

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One Response to “Good Bye Big Guy”

  1. Jane G. Says:

    I am so sorry you lost your cat.

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