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March 7, 2015

tumblr_n3tku5ovyy1sebn0jo1_400We see a lot of dead racoons along side the road around here.  This may be one of the reasons.

Bodega Bay House Update

May 25, 2013

Bodega Bay House

This Bodega Bay house has been raised up on cribbing and is being rebuilt.  This is our second look at this house.

Bodega Bay House

April 6, 2013



Henry 1 At Bodega Harbour

August 20, 2010

Henry 1 comes in to drop the Long-Line

Stowing Long-Line gear on Henry 1

Henry 1 Takes Off from Bodega Harbour Bluff

Henry 1

Sonoma Sheriff’s Henry 1 Leaves Bodega Harbour

It appeared that Sonoma Sheriff”s Henry 1 was going to do a long-line rescue, but they dropped the line, landed on the bluff, stowed the long-line gear, and took off.  Don’t know what the call was, but we got a front row seat for the event.

As understand it, Sonoma Sheriff is one of only a few agencies that put a person at the end of a 100 foot line under a helicopter to pluck people out of the water and off the edges of cliffs.

A bit of showing off, as he left by zooming down the cliff towards the water.

Local Woman Goes Cliff Diving

May 28, 2010

On 5-27-10 at about 1:20 PM, the Sheriff’s Rescue Helicopter unit “Henry-1” was dispatched to a vehicle over the cliff in the 20000 block of Oyster Catcher Loop in Bodega Bay.  A 62-year-old Bodega Bay woman accidentally backed her SUV off the roadway, down a hill and into a ravine toward the ocean in that area.

The Henry-1 crew arrived at about 12 minutes later along with Bodega Bay Fire members.  The vehicle was about 250 yards off the roadway and nosed down into a ravine.  The woman was extricated from the vehicle by the Bodega Bay Fire crew.  Given the location on the cliff and the serious nature of the patient’s injuries, the Henry-1 rescue crew long-lined the woman from the crash site on the cliff to the bluff via 100-foot long-line attached to the bottom of the helicopter.  The Henry-1 crew then reconfigured the helicopter for medical transport and transported the woman to a Santa Rosa area hospital. (Sonoma County Sheriff’s Press Release)

The Sheriff’s helicopter transported Devereaux to Memorial Hospital in Santa Rosa.

The Santa Rosa Press Democrat reports that a witness called 911 when they saw Devereaux driving in reverse crash through an ornamental bush and down a steep grassy hill toward the ocean.

Neither the Sheriff’s press release or the newspaper caught the fact that this is the same woman, Anne Devereaux, who accidentally drove her car through the front wall of the Bodega Bay Post Office in February of last year.  Thanks to alert commenter, John Grabowski , we can put the two incidents together and pull over and stop when we see her coming.

See the Google Earth map of the location on Oyster Catcher Loop.
View Larger Map

5-29-2010: Update: a link to the Santa Rosa Press Democrat story.

Bodega and Bodega Bay

March 13, 2010

The people who published this Costco booklet are a little mixed up.

This is Saint Teresa of Avila Catholic church in the town of Bodega, not Bodega Bay.

In the Alfred Hitchcock movie,  the birds begin to arrive on the school yard equipment and then attack. The children run down the street to the water front. In reality, the school house and this church are about six miles inland from Bodega Bay and the ocean.

But it was just a movie, wasn’t it?

Still No Stimulus Money in Bodega Bay Zip Code

March 12, 2010

We took a look at this map in November 2009, and found zero projects in the Bodega Bay zip code.

Well, we took a look again on March 12, 2010, and still no stimulus money is showing on the map for the Bodega Bay zip code.

Bodega Bay Not Getting Recovery Money.

November 18, 2009

With the roads and bridges falling apart around here, the fishing industry in the tank, the dairy industry on the ropes, and the marina all but abandoned, I figured that there would be a ton of money to jump start things around here.

But, indicates, zero, nada, nothing for the North Coast.

So, when’s it our turn?

Coast Guard Motor Lifeboat Station Bodega Bay

October 24, 2009

USCG BB copyThis picture of a motorlife boat practicing in the surf at Bodega Bay was published in the October 5, edition of the Navy Times.  Yes, we do get some high surf around here at times.

Bodega Bay Post Office Not a Drive Though

February 28, 2009

According to a story published in the Press Democrat,  on Friday, February 27, 2009,  at about 2:00 p.m., Bodega Bay resident, Anne Devereaux,  accidentally drove her car through the front wall of the Post Office.

Inside the post office, there’s a table with a waste basket nearby, where people will stand an sort out their junk mail and toss it in the trash.  Probably, that’s what Robert Black was doing when he was pushed back against the wall by the force of Ms. Devereaux’s car crashing into the interior of the post office.  Luckily, neither Black or Devereaux were seriously injured.

bbpo_outBodega Bay Post Office with boarded up window

bbpo_in_2Interior damage to the Bodega Bay Post Office