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Fun Fact…

September 6, 2013

This Was Not An Act of War….

According to the Obama Administration, this would be a “no boots on the ground” surgical air strike to degrade the U.S. Navy’s ability to conduct war in the Pacific.


Eleven Forgotten Names

June 15, 2010

Here are the names of the 11 men who were killed on the Gulf Coast Oil Rig.

We don’t hear much about them.

Jason Anderson
Aaron Dale Burkeen
Donald Clark
Stephen Curtis
Roy Wyatt Kemp
Karl Kleppinger
Gordon Jones (M-I SWACO)
Blair Manuel (M-I SWACO)
Dewey Revette
Shane Roshto
Adam Weis

Here’s a page from WKRG, Mobile-Pensacola listing the names.

Just thought it would be good to pass this along.

IDF Commando Fail

June 1, 2010

Lessons Not Learned

June 15, 2009


It seems pretty obvious that Bank of America hasn’t learned anything at all from the credit meltdown.

They have given my little back bedroom publishing company a $35,000 line of credit.

The only problem is that after my one book sold out, I have zero sales and zero income for over two years!

How I could possibly qualify for a $35,000 credit line with zero income, and just about zero assets, is beyond me.

This is exactly how banks got into trouble in the first place and, if my case is any indicator, Bank of America is  still giving credit to people with zero income.

Just swell.

Update: July 18th, 2009: After asking a Bank of America “credit analyst” how they could extend a $35,000 line of credit to a business with no income, I was told, “… I’m going to take action on this account…”

And, sure enough, I received a notification that Bank of America has reduced my credit limit to $2,500.

And this is how is should be.

GM Asks U.S. FAA to Bar Public Tracking of Corporate Jets

November 27, 2008

General Motors executives were, criticized by U.S. lawmakers for its use of corporate jets, asked aviation regulators to block the public’s ability to track a plane it uses.

“We availed ourselves of the option as others do to have the aircraft removed” from a Federal Aviation Administration a GM spokesman, Greg Martin, said yesterday in an interview. He declined to discuss why GM made the request.

More here.

While the use of corporate jet aircraft is certainly not central to the mess the auto makers find themselves, their actions and reactions to this jet plane dustup indicate that they just don’t seem to understand that they need to play the public relations game by at least making the appearance of cutting back on their public display of extravenance.

How about  the CEO’s of these companies announcing that they will work for a dollar a year until they turn their industry around?

Wouldn’t that be something?

Tracking GM Corporate Jets

Tracking GM corporate Jets around the country

How We Got Into This Mess

October 5, 2008

From Bird and Fortune

Hope Is On The Way

July 6, 2008

Diane Feinstein Sticks With a Loser

May 9, 2008

In still another stunning demonstration of her impeccable ability to pick out the most despicable individuals to support, our very own Senior Senator Diane Feinstein has chosen to stick with the presumptive loser, Hillary Clinton.

Remember her keen insight into Attorney General Michael Mukasey?

Feinstein said Mukasey is “not Alberto Gonzales,” referring to the former attorney general who resigned in September in the wake of the firings of U.S. attorneys and other scandals that rocked the Justice Department. “Rather, he has forged an independent life path as a practitioner of the law and a federal judge,” she said.

He’s worked out well, hasn’t he?

Remember Judge Southwick?

Thanks a lot Senator.

Jane Harman – Is a Dunce – Again!

March 31, 2008

Harman: I Didn’t Know Surveillance Program Broke The Law

Jane Harman Dunce

She’s a Dunce Again

Rudy, Rudy, Rudy

July 12, 2007

If this is even half true, it’s a disgrace.