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Meet Mihiro Taniguchi

April 20, 2008

Mihrio Taniguchi

Mihiro Taniguchi

More of her here.

Ashley Alexandra Dupre Pictures

March 14, 2008

More Pictures of Ashley Alexandra Dupre from the New York Post.

Ashley Alexandra Dupre

Lindsay Lohan

May 7, 2006

Just trying to improve my visitor stats, thank you for your support.
(From the Sun)


Cute Nude Japanese Girl

November 17, 2005

It has not escaped my attention that the stats show many of the hits on this site are on an image of an attractive young lady I posted back in December of 2003.

So, in the spirit of the Holiday Season, and your viewing enjoyment, here’s another one of those pictures.


If you find this image offensive, tough.

Go away.

You probably shouldn’t be reading this blog anyway.

Thank You very much.

P.S. Oh, and sex, more sex and nude Asian girls.